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What Not to Bring

This list has been developed for the benefit of  your child’s health and safety, and to minimize the loss of valuables.  We are also trying to promote a culture that we believe is appropriate for a summer camp environment. Remember, it’s CAMP! Our approach is minimize the presence of items that can detract from the natural atmosphere, limiting the material elements that are best left in the city.  We also believe our approach contributes to a more positive, inclusive environment, promoting and enabling more effective communication and interaction with each other. We appreciate your help and support in this regard!

Please DO NOT send the following items to camp with your child:

Items will be confiscated & we assume NO responsibility for their loss!

  • Wireless Communication Devices: ANY device whatsoever (phones, smart phones, etc.). PERIOD.
  • Screen Displays: including laptops, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Kobo’s, Playbooks, etc, etc..
    •  MP3 players such as an APPLE NANO or similar device that shows ONLY the music information is OK, but NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.
  • Appliances: These are fire hazards!! No hot pots, kettles, toasters, mini-stoves, hair irons
  • Electronic Gaming Devices: Video devices/players, ANY gaming devices. NONE. PERIOD.
  • Walkie-Talkies: Only Head staff and Nursing Staff use these at camp. No FRS type devices are allowed.
  • Lawn chairs, collapsible/folding chairs: We have lots of benches sitting areas!

We Discourage, but Allow:

  • MP3 players WITHOUT SCREENS (e.g. iPod Classic, etc). These must not leave the cabin AND their use is restricted to non-program time.
  • Jewelry (Jewelry of any type is strongly discouraged)

Other Items that are NOT Allowed:

  • Electric Fans (Only portable, battery-operated fans are allowed)
  • Electrical Cords  (No power bars, extension cords, etc.)
  • Lamps/Candles  (Only flashlights or battery-operated lights are allowed)
  • Inappropriate Labeling on Clothing  (printing or images on clothing considered inappropriate will be confiscated)

Food and Water

The food at camp is excellent, and there is plenty of it! Apart from the food that may come on the bus and used on the 1st night of camp (and Visitor’s Day), food is not allowed.

Bottled water is NOT allowed in camp. It’s just not good for the environment!  Our water is purified according to the highest possible standards and tastes great!

Download the printer-friendly What to Bring PDF

Download the printer-friendly List