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Packing List

Packing for camp can be a daunting task! We’ve developed a list of ‘What to Bring’ and ‘What Not to Bring’ to camp so your task will be easier. Please follow our recommendations for clothing items. As you prepare, please remember to:

  1. Mark camper’s name on everything: IRON-ON labels are best for clothes; a LAUNDRY MARKER or INDELIBLE ink (printed on tape) is best for sports equipment, etc;
  2. Avoid packing delicate clothing articles;
  3. Soft duffel bag(s) preferred
  4. We provide a laundry bag
  5. Pay careful attention to the list of items not allowed (our ‘What Not to Bring’ list).

 Clothing and Equipment List

Bedding 2 sets of sheets (twin) pillow & 2 pillow cases 1 comforter or 2 blankets
Toiletries 8 towels toiletry bag or pail toothpaste
  sun screen soap & soap dish toothbrush
  hair brush nail clippers shampoo/rinse
  shoe rack (hanging)        
Clothing 8 prs. underwear 14 prs. socks 4 bathing suits
  4 sweatshirts 8 prs. shorts 2-4 prs. sweat pants
  1 bath robe 2 hats 2 prs. jeans
  1 heavy jacket 2 prs. pajamas 1 rain coat
  2 prs. running shoes rubber boots 10 T-shirts
  2 white shirts for Friday Night 2 pr. sandals (flip-flop/strapped)  
Other stamps, stationery flash light cutlery kit
  water bottle camera sleeping bag
   “Dry Sac” (30-40 L) for canoe trips, or ground sheet
Sports Gear baseball glove (if currently used) fishing rod (if owned and is a hobby) tennis racquet (those without are provided one for lessons only)
  roller blades (if currently used) hockey stick (if you play)  
  hockey protective gear (for hockey: helmet+protective eye goggles or helmet with full cage or visor is required
Do NOT Pack PLEASE SEE “What Not To Bring” LIST on following page!

This is a very realistic estimation of your child’s needs; some variation may be required (e.g. girls vs. boys).  Please note: shelving space is limited and assigned evenly!!

Download the printer-friendly What to Bring PDFDownload the printer-friendly What to Bring PDF