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School Groups and Outdoor Education

Welcome to our Outdoor Education Program!

Our Outdoor Education Program (OEP) can provide school groups with an experience that is tailored to your needs. Many schools consider September OEP experiences as a means to build a cohesive group as the term begins. Others choose June as a graduation experience. Either way, we can build a program based upon our long-standing experience in providing students with rewarding, educational and fun programming. Our OEP staff have extensive experience in fostering a spirit of cooperation and team-building, while instilling outdoor skills and an appreciation of the environment. You can choose from 1-3 night experiences. The degree of teacher-involvement varies depending on the school and their mandate. Certain schools and teachers are heavily involved in both planning and instruction, while others prefer to have our staff deliver the entire program. For further information regarding availability and costs, please refer to our brochure for more details on our program, 1-4 day programs and rates. Please feel free to contact us directly as well.

OEP Brochure:

Download the printer-friendly Camp Directions PDF

Download the OEP brochure for School Groups

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Information Forms for Teachers:

Download the printer-friendly Camp Directions PDF

Download the printer-friendly Teacher Info Package