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Welcome to the Staff Application page! For returning or new staff, please click on links below, and you’ll be taken to our  on-line electronic staff application form.

If completing the electronic staff application for the first time, you will have to create a new account (just follow the instructions!) and remember to use a password you will remember!

Once we receive your staff application, we’ll be back in touch to schedule an interview (in person if possible, otherwise by phone or Skype).

We welcome new staff at New Moon. We are looking for people who love to work with children, enjoy the outdoors, and are highly responsible. Whether it be for counselling, specialty staff or a head-staff position, we are very interested in considering your application.




Please note that the minimum staff age is 17 (turning 17 before December 31st in the same calendar year of camp).

A limited number of spaces are reserved for extended contracts during the pre- or post-camp period.

2016 Important dates

Thursday, June 23rd Head Staff and Specialty Heads at Camp (for Lunch); Some Pre-Camp Staff (for School Groups, etc.) may precede this date
Sunday, June 26th All remaining Staff arrive for Pre-Camp Training; Staff bus departs by 9 AM SHARP; please arrive by 11 AM.
Thursday, June 30th Camp Starts
Thursday, August 18th Camp Ends (post-camp groups follow)